What is the THERIAK-DOMINO software?

The THERIAK-DOMINO Software is a program collection written by C. de Capitani to calculate and plot thermodynamic functions of phases and assemblages as well as rock-specific equilibrium assemblage diagrams (RSEAD) that elsewhere are called "pseudo-sections".

This collection includes the following programs:

Theriak, the heart of the collection, calculates the stable mineral assemblage and equilibrium phase compositions for a given rock (bulk composition) at specified P, T conditions.

Domino may calculate
a) Rock-specific equilibrium assemblage diagrams (elsewhere called "pseudo-sections") with selectable axes (P, T, components activities, logarithms of components activities)
b) (Pseudo)-Binary or (pseudo)-ternary equilibrium assemblage diagrams.
c) Equilibrium phase compositional isopleths as well as density, volume or modal equilibrium distributions.
d) Distribution of rock bulk equilibrium parameters.

Therbin and Therter calculate binary and ternary equilibrium assemblage diagrams at constant P or T.

Thalia and Thermo calculate the phase or assemblage dependence of various thermodynamic parameters on T or P or (binary) composition at fixed P, T.

Guzzler and Explot are used to transform graphics information from the above programs to 'ready to use' PostScript files that can be viewed on screen or printed to a hard copy.

(taken from: Home of THERIAK-DOMINO)