Department of Geology

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Research at the Department of Geology focuses on pure and applied research into both ductile/brittle lithospheric and Earth-surface processes. Field-based geology and quantitative modeling of geodynamic processes form the foundation of academic and applied Earth sciences research, in particular in petroleum geology and seismology. A close collaboration between research groups focuses on integrated geodynamics/tectonics and sedimentology/stratigraphy.

Michael WagreichBernhard Grasemann (Dep.), Daniel Le Heron (Dep.)

 News and Events

May 2023


Die Geschichte zweier Städte: Von Vindobona zu Wien - von Carnuntum zur Ruinenstätte
Michael Weißl, Diana Hatzenbühler

May 2023

Visiting Professor

During May, Richard A. Schultz is visiting professor at our department. He is an expert in geomechanics.

April 2023

New Publication

Dolomit: Nanostrukturen im Schlamm des Neusiedler Sees nachgewiesen
Patrick Meister

March 2023

Visiting Professor

From March to April, David K. Watkins visits our Department and shares his knowledge of nannofossils with our students.

February 2023

Workshop für Schüler*innen

Im Februar stöberten Schüler*innen einer Volksschulklasse in den paläontologischen und geologischen Sammlungen.

November 2022


Festveranstaltung zum Jubiläum 160 Jahre Geologisches Institut und 60 Jahre Geologisches Archiv.

November 2022


Melting glaciers and their future
Interview with Bethan Davies