Mag. Dr. Michael WEISSL, MSc.

Room Number: 2A345
Tel.: +43-1-4277-9802012

Michael Weissl

Research Interests:

  • Active Tectonics
  • Palaeoseismology
  • Geomorpholgy
  • Geoarchaeology

Current Project:

GeoTief EXPLORE (3D) Exploration tiefer geothermischer Energiequellen in Wien


Draganits, E.,  Weissl, M., Zámolyi, A., Doneus, M., 2022. Lake Neusiedl area: A particular lakescape at the boundary between Alps and Pannonian Basin, in: Embleton-Hamann, Ch. (Ed.), Landscapes and Landforms of Austria. World Geomorphological Landscapes

Layr, K. & Weissl, M., 2011. Geologische Kartierung, in:  Karl, S., Das römerzeitliche Marmorsteinbruchrevier Spitzelofen in Kärnten. Montanarchäologische Forschungen, Fundberichte aus Österreich - Beiheft 1. Wien, pp. 119-121.

Weissl M., Hintersberger, E., Lomax, J., Lüthgens, C., Decker, K., 2017. Active Tectonics and Geomorphology of the Gaenserndorf Terrace in the Central Vienna Basin (Austria), Quaternary International, vol. 451, 209-222.

Weissl, M., Géomorphologie et géoarchéologie à Vix en 2017, in: Chaume, B., Rapport d’activité du PCR, Vix et son Environnement 2017, 145-161.

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Lake Neusiedl Area: A Particular Lakescape at the Boundary Between Alps and Pannonian Basin. / Draganits, Erich; Weissl, Michael; Zámolyi, András; Doneus, Michael.

World Geomorphological Landscapes. ed. / Christine Embleton-Hamann. Cham : Springer, 2022. p. 207-222.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review


Active tectonics and geomorphology of the Gaenserndorf Terrace in the Central Vienna Basin (Austria). / Weissl, Michael (Corresponding author); Hintersberger, Esther; Lomax, Johanna; Christopher, Lüthgens; Decker, Kurt.

In: Quaternary International, Vol. 451, 07.09.2017, p. 209-222.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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