Room Number: 2H353

Masoud Sharifi-Yazdi

Research Interests:

  • Carbonate rocks
  • Low-temperature geochemistry
  • Paleoclimate
  • Reservoir geology 

PhD Thesis:

Reconstruction of the paleoenvironmental, paleoclimatic, and paleoceanographic conditions during the Early to Middle Miocene Qom Basin, Central Iran


Sharifi-Yazdi, M., Rahimpour-Bonab, H., Tavakoli, V., 2018. Evaluation of reservoir quality of the Arab Formation using integrating hydraulic flow units and sequence stratigraphy in the Balal Field, 3rd international geoscience congress, Tehran, Iran.

Nazemi M., Tavakoli V., Rahimpour-Bonab, H., Hosseini, M., Sharifi-Yazdi, M., 2018. The effect of carbonate reservoir heterogeneity on Archie’s exponents (a and m), an example from Kangan and Dalan gas formations in the central Persian Gulf, Journal of Natural Gas Science 59, 297-308.

Nazemi, M., Tavakoli, V., Sharifi-Yazdi, M., Rahimpour-Bonab, H., Hosseini, M., 2019. The impact of micro-to macro-scale geological attributes on Archie’s exponents, an example from Permian-Triassic carbonate reservoirs of the central Persian Gulf. Marine and Petroleum Geology 102, 775-785.

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Sharifi-Yazdi, M., Rahimpour-Bonab H., Nazemi, M., Tavakoli, V., Gharechelou, S., 2020. Diagenetic impacts on hydraulic flow unit properties: insight form the Jurassic carbonate Upper Arab Formation in the Persia Gulf. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 10, 1783-1802.

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