Middle Triassic Carbonate reservoir rocks [Mid-Triassic Project] (cooperation with OMV)

08/2019-07/2021 funded by OMV E&P

Principal Investigators:

Michael Moser (University of Vienna)
Michael Wagreich (University of Vienna)


Michael König (OMV)
Phillip Straus (OMV)
Martin Maslo (University of Vienna)

The eastern part of the NCA provides a structural and stratigraphical analogue for a possible Middle Triassic play type in the Vienna Basin which has not been investigated so far. During the project an outcrop transect (geological and structural cross-section) will be created and combined with detailed stratigraphic investigations and analysis (microfacies, isotope data, depositional model) Subsequently this should help to understand the orogenetic style in the easternmost part of the NCA in.

Detailed mapping of a transect will be done at the frontal part of the Tirolian nappe system (Anninger to Badener Lindkogel). Stratigraphic units need to be identified, classified and evaluated. The focus is on platform carbonates and their lateral distribution and variation.  All that should help to understand the distribution of possible Middle Triassic play types respectively carbonate reservoir bodies. The aquired outcrop analogue data help to better understand and evaluate OMV’s subsurface data. Three main methodological parts are included and their expected outcomes are:

(1) A fieldwork and outcrop-based profile (geological, stratigraphical and structural x-sections) from the Anninger to the Badener Lindkogel.

(2) A detailed stratigraphic evaluation including biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy and isotope stratigraphy. The data base should be correlated with OMV subsurface data and should help to identify Middle Triassic play types in the subcrop of the Vienna Basin.

(3) Data and literature survey including existing microfacies and stratigraphical data from thin section collections at the University of Vienna, especially on Triassic to facilitate stratigraphic evaluation of the formations.

Colospongia limestone

Colospongia limestone from the Lindkogel-Jägerhaus area, Lower Austria (© M. Wagreich)