Room Number: 2B445

Sophie Hollinetz

Research Interests:

  • Geodynamics of collisional orogens
  • Petrology and geochronology of low-grade metamorphic rocks
  • Thermodynamic forward modelling of metapelites
  • Microstructures resulting from the interaction of metamorphism and deformation
  • Regional geology of the Eastern Alps

Low-grade metamorphic units in the Eastern Alps: An important tectonic transition zone

MSc Thesis (2018):
"Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the upper part of the Eo-Alpine extrusion wedge: A case study from the Oberhof window (Carinthia, Austria)" (Supervisor: Bernhard Grasemann, University of Vienna)

BSc Thesis (2015) "Myrmekite in ultrapotassischen Quartz-Monzoniten des Jihlava Plutons" (Supervisor: Rainer Abart, University of Vienna)