Mohammad (Kia) FALLAH

OMV Exploration & ProductionGmbH
Tel.: +43-1-04440-0

Mohammad Fallah

Work Experiences:

2007 – Present: Senior Explorationist, OMV
2006 – 2007: Exploration geologist, Norsk Hydro
2003 – 2006: Geologist, KEPS
2003: Junior Geologist, KEPCo
2002: Junior Well Site Geologist, NIOC  


Tari G., Fallah M., & et al., May 2015, Marine and Petroleum Geology, "Is the impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Black Sea comparable to that of the Mediterranean?’’

Tavani S., Fallah M., & et al., Jan 2011, Cambridge journal geological magazine, "Geometry, kinematics and fracture pattern of the Bangestan anticline, Zagros, SW Iran"

Khoshnodkia M., Fallah M. & et al., Mar 2010, Geo Bahrain, “Biostratigraphy of Dashtak and Khaneh Kat Formations in Zagros basin"


Fallah M.,  May 2015, IPETGAS, Ankara, Turkey, co-chair the session "Petroleum Potential of Balkans, Thrace Basin, Black Sea, South Caspian and East European Basins, Recent Developments’’

Fallah M., et al., May 2015, IPETGAS, Ankara, Turkey "The importance of mass transport complexes in the Black Sea: examples from the DSDP 380 and 381 wells, offshore Turkey’’

Fallah M., et al., May 2015, IPETGAS, Ankara, Turkey "Seep-hunting; a de-risking tool for offshore exploration’’Tari G., Fallah M., May 2015, IPETGAS, Ankara, Turkey "Can we extrapolate the Eocene shallow water carbonate play from the present-day shelf to the deep-water of the Black Sea?’’