Detrital Composition of Siliciclastics (cooperation with OMV)

04/2019-12/2019 funded by OMV E&P; to be continued  

Principal Investigators:
Susanne Gier (University of Vienna)
Michael Wagreich (University of Vienna)  

Hujer Martin (University of Vienna): Provenance database Vienna Basin
Maria Meszar (University of Vienna): Clay mineral catalogue
Shahid Iqbal (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan): Sedimentary provenance analysis
Stockinger Annika (University of Vienna): Crystalline components

The objective of the project is to analyze the stratigraphic and spatial changes in mineralogical composition of (reservoir) sandstones and seal rocks like mudstones in sedimentary basins.
Knowledge of the mineralogical composition helps to determine the origin of sand-bodies, the correlation of individual formations across a basin, predict reservoir quality, assess behavior of a reservoir when exposed to EOR (enhanced oil recovery)-fluids and is an important parameter for well-log interpretation.

The project aims at integrated provenance studies including a data base and evaluation of various factors influencing the composition of clastic rocks such as surface and subsurface processes.
Special emphasis is on the influence of climate on weathering of rocks, clay mineral formation and evolution, and diagenetic processes.