Patrick MEISTER, Dr. habil. (Lecturer)

Raumnummer: 2B385
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53470

Patrick Meister

Research Interests:

My research is focused on the most fundamental aspects of how life and Earth interacted throughout possibly the last 4.4 billion years. The essential mechanisms are, on the one hand, that organisms catalyse biogeochemical processes otherwise inhibited under Earth surface conditions and therefore alter global geochemical cycles. On the other hand, biotic effects on mineral formation have fundamentally impacted Earth’s geological record.

Understanding these interactions requires an interdisciplinary approach, using insights from geobiology, sedimentology, (micro)biology, (bio)geochemistry, palaeontology, mineralogy, and environmental sciences. My studies include ongoing processes in modern systems, signatures in the geological record, and process-oriented computer models, with the overarching goal to gain fundamental knowledge about the role that life has played in Earth’s exogenic cycle.


New modelling paper in Frontiers in Earth Science

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The role of microorganisms in iron cycling in marine sediments. / Reyes, Carolina (Korresp. Autor*in); Meister, Patrick.

Systems Biogeochemistry of Major Marine Biomes . John Wiley & Sons, 2022.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in BuchBeitrag in Buch/SammelbandPeer-Review


Microfacies and C/O-isotopes in lacustrine dolomites reflect variable environmental conditions in the Germanic Basin (Arnstadt Formation, Upper Triassic). / Hofbauer, Barbara; Viehmann, Sebastian; Gier, Susanne; Bernasconi, Stefano; Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in).

in: Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, Band 114, Nr. 1, 17.12.2021, S. 66-87.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Carbonates and cherts as archives of seawater chemistry and habitability on a carbonate platform 3.35 Ga ago: Insights from Sm/Nd dating and trace element analysis from the Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia. / Viehmann, Sebastian (Korresp. Autor*in); Reitner, Joachim; Tepe, Nathalie; Hohl, Simon V.; Van Kranendonk, Martin; Hofmann, Thilo; Köberl, Christian; Meister, Patrick.

in: Precambrian Research, Band 344, 105742, 15.07.2020.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Authigenic formation of Ca-Mg carbonates in the shallow alkaline Lake Neusiedl, Austria. / Fussmann, Dario; von Hoyningen-Huene, A.J.E.; Reimer, Andreas; Schneider, D.; Babková, Hana; Peticzka, Robert; Maier, Andreas; Arp, Gernot; Daniel, Rolf ; Meister, Patrick.

in: Biogeosciences, Band 17, Nr. 7, 2085, 16.04.2020, S. 2085–2106.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Ostwald’s step rule: a consequence of growth kinetics and nano-scale energy landscape. / Meister, Patrick.

Nucleation and growth of sedimentary minerals. 2020. (IAS Special Publications).

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in BuchBeitrag in Buch/SammelbandPeer-Review


The Carbon-Isotope Record of the Sub-Seafloor Biosphere. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Reyes, Carolina.

in: Geosciences, Band 9, Nr. 12, 507, 05.12.2019.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Factors controlling the carbon isotope composition of dissolved inorganic carbon and methane in marine porewater: An evaluation by reaction-transport modelling. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Liu, Bo; Khalili, Arzhang; Böttcher, Michael; Jørgensen, Bo Barker.

in: Journal of Marine Systems, Band 200, 103227, 12.2019.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Precipitation of dolomite from seawater on a Carnian coastal plain (Dolomites, northern Italy) : evidence from carbonate petrography and Sr isotopes. / Rieder, Maximilian; Wegner, Wencke; Horschinegg, Monika; Klackl, Stefanie; Preto, Nereo; Breda, Anna; Gier, Susanne; Kloetzli, Urs; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Arp, Gernot; Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in).

in: Solid earth, Band 10, Nr. 4, 31.07.2019, S. 1243-1267.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Dolomite formation by nanocrystal aggregation in the dolomia principale of the brenta dolomites (Northern Italy). / Meister, P.; Frisia, S.

in: Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, Band 125, Nr. 1, 03.2019, S. 183-196.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Metal cycling in Mesoproterozoic microbial habitats: Insights from trace elements and stable Cd isotopes in stromatolites. / Viehmann, Sebastian; Hohl, Simon V.; Kraemer, Dennis ; Bau, Michael; Walde, Detlef H.G.; Galer, Stephen J.G.; Jiang, Shao-Yong; Meister, Patrick.

in: Gondwana Research, Band 67, 03.2019, S. 101-114.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Sulphur and carbon isotopes as tracers of past sub-seafloor microbial activity. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Brunner, Benjamin; Picard, Aude; Böttcher, Michael E.; Jørgensen, Bo Barker.

in: Scientific Reports, Band 9, Nr. 1, 604, 24.01.2019.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Anaerobic methane oxidation inducing carbonate precipitation at abiogenic methane seeps in the Tuscan archipelago (Italy). / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Wiedling, Johanna; Lott, Christian; Bach, Wolfgang; Kuhfuss, Hanna; Wegener, Gunter; Böttcher, Michael; Deusner, Christian; Lichtschlag, Anna; Bernasconi, Stefano; Weber, Miriam.

in: PLoS ONE, Band 13, Nr. 12, e0207305, 19.12.2018.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Mineralogical and geochemical analysis of Fe-phases in drill-cores from the Triassic Stuttgart Formation at Ketzin CO2 storage site before CO2 arrival. / Kasina, Monika; Bock, Susanne; Würdemann, Hilke; Pudlo, Dieter; Picard, Aude; Lichtschlag, Anna; März, Christian; Wagenknecht, Laura; Wehrmann, Laura M.; Vogt, Christoph; Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in).

in: Environmental Earth Sciences, Band 76, Nr. 4, 161, 16.02.2017.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Isotope and elemental geochemistry of black shale-hosted fossiliferous concretions from the Cretaceous Santana Formation fossil Lagerstatte (Brazil). / Heimhofer, Ulrich (Korresp. Autor*in); Meister, Patrick; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Ariztegui, Daniel; Martill, David M.; Rios-Netto, Aristoteles M.; Schwark, Lorenz.

in: Sedimentology, Band 64, Nr. 1, 01.2017, S. 150-167.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Bacterial communities potentially involved in iron-cycling in Baltic Sea and North Sea sediments revealed by pyrosequencing. / Reyes, Carolina (Korresp. Autor*in); Dellwig, Olaf; Dähnke, Kirstin; Gehre, Matthias; Noriega-Ortega, Beatriz E.; Böttcher, Michael E.; Meister, Patrick; Friedrich, Michael W.

in: FEMS microbiology ecology, Band 92, Nr. 4, 054, 04.2016.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Repeated occurrences of methanogenic zones, diagenetic dolomite formation and linked silicate alteration in southern Bering Sea sediments (Bowers Ridge, IODP Exp. 323 Site U1341). / Wehrmann, L.M.; Ockert, C.; Mix, A.C.; Gussone, N.; Teichert, B.M.A.; Meister, P.

in: Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography, Band 125-126, 03.2016, S. 117–132.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Reproducing authigenic carbonate precipitation in the hypersaline Lake Acıgöl (Turkey) with microbial cultures. / Balci, Nurgul (Korresp. Autor*in); Menekşe, Meryem ; Gül Karagüler, Nevin; Sönmez, M. Şeref ; Meister, Patrick.

in: Geomicrobiology Journal: an international journal of geomicrobiology and microbial biogeochemistry, Band 33, Nr. 9, 2016, S. 758-773.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Methanogenesis produces strong

13C enrichment in stromatolites of Lagoa Salgada, Brazil : a modern analogue for Palaeo-/Neoproterozoic stromatolites? / Birgel, D.; Meister, P.; Lundberg, R.; Horath, T. D.; Bontognali, T. R. R.; Bahniuk, A. M.; de Rezende, C. E.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J. A.

in: Geobiology, Band 13, Nr. 3, 05.2015, S. 245-266.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Using stable Mg isotopes to distinguish dolomite formation mechanisms : A case study from the Peru Margin. / Mavromatis, Vasileios; Meister, Patrick; Oelkers, Eric H.

in: Chemical Geology, Band 385, 14.10.2014, S. 84-91.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Early diagenetic quartz formation at a deep iron oxidation front in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific – A modern analogue for banded iron/chert formations? / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Chapligin, Bernhard; Picard, Aude; Meyer, Hanno; Fischer, Cornelius; Rettenwander, Daniel; Amthauer, Georg; Vogt, Christoph; Aiello, Ivano W.

in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Band 137, 2014, S. 188-207.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

Two opposing effects of sulfate reduction on carbonate precipitation in normal marine, hypersaline, and alkaline environments: REPLY. / Meister, Patrick.

in: Geology, Band 42, Nr. e315, 2014.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review


Control of sulphate and methane distributions in marine sediments by organic matter reactivity. / Meister, P.; Liu, Bo; Ferdelman, T.G.; Jørgensen, B.B.; Khalili, A.

in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Band 104, 2013, S. 183-193.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer-Review

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