Fold-and-Thrust Structures in the Northern Calcareous Alps: Quantitative Analysis at the Alpine Front

2016-2018: funded by RAG Austria

Principal Investigator:
Bernhard Grasemann (University of Vienna)

Mario Habermüller (University of Vienna)

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The Northern Calcareous Alps (NCA) represent a fold-and-thrust belt that has undergone polyphase deformation at the northern front of the Eastern Alps.
This project is focused on the development of fold-and-thrust structures in the foothills of the central NCA, where the lowermost tectonic units were thrust on the foreland basin.
Investigations are based on 3D and 2D structural modeling of both surface data from field mapping and subsurface data acquired from hydrocarbon exploration.
The sequential deformation is being quantified through structural balancing, using backward restoration and forward modeling techniques.
The aim of this project is to resolve thrust geometries at a high resolution and shed light on the detailed nappe structure, which is still a controversial subject.
The results will help to define reservoir geometries and assess reservoir compartmentalisation.

Thrust horses in a back thrust

Antiformal stack of thrust horses in a back thrust (© M. Habermüller)

SCC’-fabrics in a marl-rich formation

SCC’-fabrics in a marl-rich formation indicate the localization of a thrust zone (© M. Habermüller)

Compilation of outcrop and subsurface data

Compilation of outcrop and subsurface data: DEM, outcrop measurements, seismic and well data (© M. Habermüller)