Raumnummer: 2B449
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53478

Jacek Szczygieł

Research Interests:

  • neotectonics (Carpathians, Sudets, Alps)
  • paleoseismology and speleoseismology
  • caves deformations as geodynamic indicators
  • physical speleology

PhD (2015) University of Silesia, Poland
Tectonic control of cave development in the Tatra Mts. based on subsurface geological research

Current Projects: 

The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange: The Bekker Programme (PPN/BEK/2020/1/00236/DEC/1): scholarship for a 12-month postdoc at the Vienna University (05.2021-04.2022)

Polish National Science Centre (NCN) 2020/39/D/ST10/00615 "Neotectonic evolution of the Northern Calcareous Alps determined through fault-slip analysis, radiometric dating of cave deposits, and morphology of deep karst systems" (07.2021-06-2024)