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Mario Habermüller

Research Interests:

  • Alpine Tectonics
  • Northern Calcareous Alps and Alpine Foreland
  • 3D Structural Modelling and Kinematic Modelling
  • Borehole Geology and Analysis of Borehole Image Logs
  • Reservoir Characterization


Diploma Thesis (2005):

(Supervisor: Bernhard Grasemann, University of Vienna): West-directed Thrusting in the Dachstein Nappe.

Conference Presentations:

Habermueller, M., Grasemann, B., Draganits, E., Poblet, J., Arnberger, K., Schmid, N. (2005): Pre-Gosau w-directed Thrusting in the Northern Calcareous Alps (Hallstatt, Austria): Quantification and Comparison of the deformational Style. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2005, Vienna, April 24-29

Habermueller, M., Reinmiller, R., Martinez, D. (2014): A Case History of Borehole Image Analysis applied to Fracture Stage Optimization. London Petrophysical Seminar 2014, The Geological Society of London, January 30th

Habermueller, M., Rambousek, C., Levi, N., Munday, P. and Decker, K. (2014): Fracture Characterization in Basement Reservoirs using Borehole Image and Core Data. EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop 2014, Dubai, October 12-14

Reinmiller, R., Martinez, D, Habermueller, M. (2015): Horizontal Image Analysis applied to Fracture Stage Optimization in a US Shale Gas Reservoir. AAPG/SEG International Conference 2015, Melbourne, September 13-16

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Structural characteristics of the curved Königsee-Lammertal-Traunsee fault system in Salzkammergut (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria). / Levi, Nicola (Korresp. Autor*in); Pittarello, Lidia; Habermüller, Mario.

in: Journal of Structural Geology, Band 155, 104503, 02.2022.

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Active out-of-sequence thrusting in the Molasse Basin constrained by a multidisciplinary approach (Eastern Alps, Austria). / Levi, Nicola (Korresp. Autor*in); Habermüller, Mario; Exner, Ulrike et al.

in: Tectonophysics, Band 812, 228911, 05.08.2021.

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Hooked on salt: Rethinking Alpine tectonics in Hallstatt (Eastern Alps, Austria). / Fernandez Bellon, Oscar; Habermüller, Mario; Grasemann, Bernhard.

in: Geology, Band 49, Nr. 3, 03.2021, S. 325-329.

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The stress field in the frontal part of the Eastern Alps (Austria) from borehole image log data. / Levi, Nicola (Korresp. Autor*in); Habermüller, Mario; Exner, Ulrike et al.

in: Tectonophysics, Band 769, 228175, 20.10.2019.

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