Anisian Carbonate Reservoir Property Project [ACRP Project] (cooperation with OMV)

02/2022 - 07/2023 funded by OMV E&P

Principal Investigators:

Michael Moser (University of Vienna)
Michael Wagreich (University of Vienna)


Phillip Strauss (OMV)

The eastern part of the NCA provides a structural and stratigraphical analogue for a possible Middle Triassic reservoire in the Vienna Basin which has not been investigated so far. The main objective of this project is to develop a deep understanding of facies and sedimentological characteristics of the Steinalm Fm and its platform to ramp geometries (Anisian, Middle Triassic). Based on surface and subsurface data, depositional models for the Anisian will be generated.

Anisian Ramp Geometry

Anisian Ramp Geometry (Moser & Piros, 2021)