Patrick MEISTER, Dr. habil. (Lecturer)

Raumnummer: 2B385
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53470

Patrick Meister

Research Interests:

  • Authigenic mineral formation (carbonates, silica)
  • Reaction transport modelling of non-steady state system
  • Dynamic deep biosphere evolution and reconstruction of past deep biospheres
  • Palaeo-diagenetic proxies

Current Projects:

  • Reconstructing conditions during dolomite formation in evaporative Triassic environments
  • Reconstructing the dynamic deep biosphere in organic carbon-rich sediments of the Peru Margin
  • Simulating stable carbon isotope fractionation and transport during sulphate reduction and methanogenesis in marine sediments
  • Studying abiotic and microbial effects on carbonate crystal habit

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Dolomite formation within the methanogenic zone induced by tectonically driven fluids in the Peru accretionary prism. / Meister, P.; Gutjahr, M.; Frank, M.; Bernasconi, S.M.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J.A.

in: Geology, Band 39, Nr. 6, 2011, S. 563-566.

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Depth and controls of Ca-rhodochrosite precipitation in bioturbated sediments of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific, ODP Leg 201, Site 1226 and DSDP Leg 68, Site 503. / Meister, P.; Bernasconi, S.M.; Aiello, I.W.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J.A.

in: Sedimentology, Band 56, Nr. 5, 2009, S. 1552-1568.

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Tubular compression fossils from the ediacaran nama group, namibia. / Cohen, P.A.; Bradley, A.; Knoll, A.H.; Grotzinger, J.P.; Jensen, S.; Abelson, J.; Hand, K.; Love, G.; Metz, J.; McLoughlin, N.; Meister, P.; Shepard, R.; Tice, M.; Wilson, J.P.

in: Journal of Paleontology, Band 83, Nr. 1, 2009, S. 110-122.

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Sealevel changes control diagenetic dolomite formation in hemipelagic sediments of the Peru Margin. / Meister, P.; Bernasconi, S.M.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J.A.

in: Marine Geology, Band 252, Nr. 3-4, 2008, S. 166-173.

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U-Pb zircon age of volcaniclastic layers in Middle Triassic platform carbonates of the Austroalpine Silvretta nappe (Switzerland). / Furrer, H.; Schaltegger, U.; Ovtcharova, M.; Meister, P.

in: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, Band 101, Nr. 3, 2008, S. 595–603.

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Dolomite formation in the dynamic deep biosphere: Results from the Peru Margin. / Meister, P.; McKenzie, J.A.; Vasconcelos, C.; Bernasconi, S.; Frank, M.; Gutjahr, M.; Schrag, D.P.

in: Sedimentology, Band 54, Nr. 5, 2007, S. 1007-1032.

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Data report: Compilation of total organic and inorganic carbon data from Peru margin and eastern equatorial Pacific drill sites (ODP Legs 112, 138, and 201). / Meister, P.; Prokopenko, M.G.; Skilbeck, C.G.; Watson, M.; McKenzie, J.A.

in: ODP Proceedings: Scientific Results, Band 201, 2006.

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Mineralogy and petrography of diagenetic dolomite, Peru margin, ODP Leg 201. / Meister, P.; McKenzie, J.A.; Warthmann, R.; Vasconcelos, C.

in: ODP Proceedings: Scientific Results, Band 201, 2006.

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Direct in situ detection of cells in deep‐sea sediment cores from the Peru Margin (ODP Leg 201, Site 1229). / Mauclaire, Laurie (Korresp. Autor*in); Zepp, Kornelia; Meister, Patrick; McKenzie, Judith A.

in: Geobiology, Band 2, Nr. 4, 2004, S. 217-223.

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Distributions of microbial activities in deep subseafloor sediments. / D'Hondt, S.; Jørgensen, B.B.; Miller, D.J.; Batzke, A.; Blake, R.; Cragg, B.A.; Cypionka, H.; Dickens, G.R.; Ferdelman, T.; Hinrichs, K.-U.; Holm, N.G.; Mitterer, R.; Spivack, A.; Wang, G.; Bekins, B.; Engelen, B.; Ford, K.; Gettemy, G.; Rutherford, S.D.; Sass, H.; Skilbeck, C.G.; Aiello, I.W.; Guèrin, G.; House, C.H.; Inagaki, F.; Meister, P.; Naehr, T.; Niitsuma, S.; Parkes, R.J.; Schippers, A.; Smith, D.C.; Teske, A.; Wiegel, J.; Padilla, C.N.; Acosta, J.L.S.

in: Science, Band 306, Nr. 5705, 2004, S. 2216-2221.

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