Patrick MEISTER, Dr. habil. (Lecturer)

Raumnummer: 2B385
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53470

Patrick Meister

Research Interests:

  • Authigenic mineral formation (carbonates, silica)
  • Reaction transport modelling of non-steady state system
  • Dynamic deep biosphere evolution and reconstruction of past deep biospheres
  • Palaeo-diagenetic proxies

Current Projects:

  • Reconstructing conditions during dolomite formation in evaporative Triassic environments
  • Reconstructing the dynamic deep biosphere in organic carbon-rich sediments of the Peru Margin
  • Simulating stable carbon isotope fractionation and transport during sulphate reduction and methanogenesis in marine sediments
  • Studying abiotic and microbial effects on carbonate crystal habit

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Ostwald’s step rule: a consequence of growth kinetics and nano-scale energy landscape. / Meister, Patrick.

Nucleation and growth of sedimentary minerals. 2020. (IAS Special Publications).

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The Carbon-Isotope Record of the Sub-Seafloor Biosphere. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Reyes, Carolina.

in: Geosciences, Band 9, Nr. 12, 507, 05.12.2019.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel

Factors controlling the carbon isotope composition of dissolved inorganic carbon and methane in marine porewater: An evaluation by reaction-transport modelling. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Liu, Bo; Khalili, Arzhang; Böttcher, Michael; Jørgensen, Bo Barker.

in: Journal of Marine Systems, Band 200, 103227, 08.2019.

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Precipitation of dolomite from seawater on a Carnian coastal plain (Dolomites, northern Italy) : evidence from carbonate petrography and Sr isotopes. / Rieder, Maximilian; Wegner, Wencke; Horschinegg, Monika; Klackl, Stefanie; Preto, Nereo; Breda, Anna; Gier, Susanne; Kloetzli, Urs; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Arp, Gernot; Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in).

in: Solid earth, Band 10, Nr. 4, 31.07.2019, S. 1243-1267.

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Sulphur and carbon isotopes as tracers of past sub-seafloor microbial activity. / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Brunner, Benjamin; Picard, Aude; Böttcher, Michael E.; Jørgensen, Bo Barker.

in: Scientific Reports, Band 9, 604, 24.01.2019.

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Metal cycling in Mesoproterozoic microbial habitats: Insights from trace elements and stable Cd isotopes in stromatolites. / Viehmann, Sebastian; Hohl, Simon V.; Kraemer, Dennis ; Bau, Michael; Walde, Detlef H.G.; Galer, Stephen J.G.; Jiang, Shao-Yong; Meister, Patrick.

in: Gondwana Research, Band 67, 2019, S. 101-114.

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Anaerobic methane oxidation inducing carbonate precipitation at abiogenic methane seeps in the Tuscan archipelago (Italy). / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Wiedling, Johanna; Lott, Christian; Bach, Wolfgang; Kuhfuss, Hanna; Wegener, Gunter; Böttcher, Michael; Deusner, Christian; Lichtschlag, Anna; Bernasconi, Stefano; Weber, Miriam.

in: PLoS ONE, Band 13, Nr. 12, e0207305, 19.12.2018.

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Mineralogical and geochemical analysis of Fe-phases in drill-cores from the Triassic Stuttgart Formation at Ketzin CO2 storage site before CO2 arrival. / Kasina, Monika; Bock, Susanne; Würdemann, Hilke; Pudlo, Dieter; Picard, Aude; Lichtschlag, Anna; März, Christian; Wagenknecht, Laura; Wehrmann, Laura M.; Vogt, Christoph; Meister, Patrick.

in: Environmental Earth Sciences, Band 76, Nr. 4, 161, 16.02.2017.

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Isotope and elemental geochemistry of black shale-hosted fossiliferous concretions (Early Cretaceous Santana Formation, Brazil). / Heimhofer, Ulrich (Korresp. Autor*in); Meister, Patrick; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Ariztegui, Daniel; Martill, David M.; Rios-Netto, Aristoteles M.; Schwark, Lorenz.

in: Sedimentology, Band 64, Nr. 1, 01.2017.

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Bacterial communities potentially involved in iron-cycling in Baltic Sea and North Sea sediments revealed by pyrosequencing. / Reyes, Carolina (Korresp. Autor*in); Dellwig, Olaf; Dähnke, Kirstin; Gehre, Matthias; Noriega-Ortega, Beatriz E.; Böttcher, Michael E.; Meister, Patrick; Friedrich, Michael W.

in: FEMS microbiology ecology, Band 92, Nr. 4, 04.2016.

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Repeated occurrences of methanogenic zones, diagenetic dolomite formation and linked silicate alteration in southern Bering Sea sediments (Bowers Ridge, IODP Exp. 323 Site U1341). / Wehrmann, L.M.; Ockert, C.; Mix, A.C.; Gussone, N.; Teichert, B.M.A.; Meister, P.

in: Deep-Sea Research. Part 2: Topical Studies in Oceanography, Band 125-126, 03.2016, S. 117–132.

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Reproducing authigenic carbonate precipitation in the hypersaline Lake Acıgöl (Turkey) with microbial cultures. / Balci, Nurgul (Korresp. Autor*in); Menekşe, Meryem ; Gül Karagüler, Nevin; Sönmez, M. Şeref ; Meister, Patrick.

in: Geomicrobiology Journal: an international journal of geomicrobiology and microbial biogeochemistry, Band 33, 2016.

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Methanogenesis produces strong C-13 enrichment in stromatolites of Lagoa Salgada, Brazil : a modern analogue for Palaeo-/Neoproterozoic stromatolites? / Birgel, D.; Meister, P.; Lundberg, R.; Horath, T. D.; Bontognali, T. R. R.; Bahniuk, A. M.; de Rezende, C. E.; Vasconcelos, C.; McKenzie, J. A.

in: Geobiology, Band 13, Nr. 3, 05.2015, S. 245-266.

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Using stable Mg isotopes to distinguish dolomite formation mechanisms : A case study from the Peru Margin. / Mavromatis, Vasileios; Meister, Patrick; Oelkers, Eric H.

in: Chemical Geology, Band 385, 14.10.2014, S. 84-91.

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Early diagenetic quartz formation at a deep iron oxidation front in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific – A modern analogue for banded iron/chert formations? / Meister, Patrick (Korresp. Autor*in); Chapligin, Bernhard; Picard, Aude; Meyer, Hanno; Fischer, Cornelius; Rettenwander, Daniel; Amthauer, Georg; Vogt, Christoph; Aiello, Ivano W.

in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2014, S. 188-207.

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Control of sulphate and methane distributions in marine sediments by organic matter reactivity. / Meister, P.; Liu, B.; Ferdelman, T.G.; Jørgensen, B.B.; Khalili, A.

in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Band 104, 2013, S. 183-193.

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Cyclic 100-ka (glacial-interglacial) migration of subseafloor redox zonation on the Peruvian shelf. / Contreras, S.; Meister, P.; Liu, B.; Prieto-Mollar, X.; Hinrichs, K.U.; Khalili, A.; Ferdelman, T.G.; Kuypers, M.M.M.; Jørgensen, B.B.

in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2013.

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Dolomite formation in the shallow seas of the Alpine Triassic. / Meister, Patrick; McKenzie, J. A.; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Brack, Peter.

in: Sedimentology, Band 60, 2013.

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Sulfur, iron-, and calcium cycling associated with natural electric currents running through marine sediment. / Risgaard-Petersen, N.; Revil, A.; Meister, P.; Nielsen, L.P.

in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Band 92, 2012, S. 1-13.

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