Pleistocene-Holocene changes and the Anthropocene

This research topic includes Pleistocene to Holocene climate and palaeoenvironmental changes and the growing anthropogenic influence on geological processes and on the geosphere as a critical interface of the Earth System.

This also relates to the "Anthropocene" debate.

This involves projects on Pleistocene-Holocene continental archives and recently funded projects on anthropogenic deposits and signals for anthropogenic influence (WWTF ESR17-040, Uni-Docs scholarship, Emerging Fields Grant of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy).
This fosters multi- and interdisciplinary projects involving Humanities and Arts, and also relates to contributions to the International Working Group on the Anthropocene (AWG), a body of the International Stratigraphic Subcommission (IUGS).

Bohrung Mitterndorf

Drilling in Quaternary sediments of Mitterndorf basin (© M. Wagreich).