Recent Projects

Distinct Element Method (DEM) modelling of the growth of salt swells: implications for the mechanical genesis of structural traps controlled by the flow of a mobile (viscous) substratum

The two years project SaltTecDEM, funded by Statoil ASA, will explore the growth of salt swells and resulting overburden deformation by means of Distinct Element Method (DEM) modelling.

3D seismic fault mapping of the Nördlich Lägern cube in the Constance–Frick Trough, Northern Switzerland

The research project focuses on seismic mapping of Upper Palaeozoic faults in Nagra’s 3D-seismic block NL-16 covering the siting region ‘Nördlich Lägern’.  The interpretation of the seismic data leads to a better understanding of the regional tectono-stratigraphic history and aids the risk-assessment of fault zones adjacent to the potential deep geological repository.