Kurt DECKER, Dr.


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Kurt Decker

Research Interests:

Vienna Basin
Active Tectonics
Seismic Hazards
Brittle Structural Geology
Alpine Tectonics

Current Projects:

2007-2008: Karpatian Tectonics - Tectonic Evolution of the Vienna Basin and the Waschberg Zone during the Karpatian and Lower Badenian

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Implications from palaeoseismological investigations at the Markgrafneusiedl Fault (Vienna Basin, Austria) for seismic hazard assessment. / Hintersberger, Esther; Decker, Kurt; Lomax, Johanna; Lüthgens, Christopher.

In: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, Vol. 18, No. 2, 21.02.2018, p. 531-553.

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Active tectonics and geomorphology of the Gaenserndorf Terrace in the Central Vienna Basin (Austria). / Weissl, Michael; Hintersberger, Esther; Lomax, Johanna; Christopher, Lüthgens; Decker, Kurt.

In: Quaternary International, Vol. 451, 07.09.2017, p. 209-222.

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Paleogene and Neogene kinematics of the Alpine-Carpathian fold-thrust belt at the Alpine-Carpathian transition. / Beidinger, Andreas; Decker, Kurt.

In: Tectonophysics, Vol. 690, 2016, p. 263-287.

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Hydrogeological properties of fault zones in a karstified carbonate aquifer, (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria). / Bauer, Helene; Decker, Kurt.

In: Hydrogeology Journal, Vol. 24, 2016, p. 1147.

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