Michael WAGREICH, Univ. Prof. Dr.


Raumnummer: 2B477
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53465

Michael Wagreich

Research Interests:

  • sedimentology and stratigraphy of events in Earth history
  • past and present global change
  • Anthropocene definition and markers
  • geodynamics and basin formation in Alpine mountain belts
  • isotope stratigraphy


Current professional service activities:


Current Projects:

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Tectonics and sedimentation in the Fohnsdorf-Seckau Basin (Miocene, Austria): From a pull-apart basin to a half-graben. / Strauss, Philipp; Wagreich, Michael; Decker, Kurt; Sachsenhofer, Reinhard.

in: International Journal of Earth Sciences, Band 90, Nr. 3, 2001, S. 549-559.

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The Mesozoic amber of Schliersee (southern Germany) is cretaceous in age. / Schmidt, Alexander R; Von Eynatten, Hilmar; Wagreich, Michael.

in: Cretaceous Research, Band 22, Nr. 4, 2001, S. 423-428.

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The Neogene Fohnsdorf Basin: Basin formation and basin inversion during lateral extrusion in the Eastern Alps (Austria). / Sachsenhofer, R F; Kogler, A; Polesny, H; Strauss, Philipp; Wagreich, Michael.

in: International Journal of Earth Sciences, Band 89, Nr. 2, 2000, S. 415-430.

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Sequence development and biotic assemblages on an active continental margin : The Turonian-Campanian of the northern Calcareous Alps, Austria. / Sanders, Diethard; Kollmann, Heinz; Wagreich, Michael.

in: Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France, Band 168, Nr. 3, 01.12.1997, S. 351-372.

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The Santonian stage and substages. / Lamolda, Marcos A.; Hancock, Jake M.; Burnett, Jackie A.; Collom, Christopher J.; Christensen, Walter K.; Dhondt, Annie V.; Gardin, Silvia; Gräfe, Kai Uwe; Ion, Jana; Kauffman, Erle G.; Kennedy, William James; Kopaevich, Ludmila F.; Lopez, Gregorio; Matsumoto, Tatsuro; Mortimore, Rory; Silva, Isabella Premoli; Robaszynski, Francis; Salaj, Jozef; Summesberger, Herbert; Toshimitsu, Seichii; Tröger, Karl Armin; Wagreich, Michael; Wood, Christopher J.; Yazykova, Elena A.

in: Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belqique, Sciences de la Terre, Band 66, Nr. SUPPL., 01.12.1996, S. 95-102.

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Age and significance of Upper Cretaceous siliciclastic turbidites in the central Pindos Mountains, Greece. / Wagreich, M.; Pavlopoulos, A.; Faupl, P.; Migiros, G.

in: Geological Magazine, Band 133, Nr. 3, 01.05.1996, S. 325-331.

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Pre-tertiary blueschist terrains in the Hellenides : Evidence from detrital minerals of flysch successions. / Faupl, P.; Pavlopoulos, A.; Wagreich, M.; Migiros, G.

in: Terra Nova, Band 8, Nr. 2, 01.03.1996, S. 186-190.

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Subduction tectonic erosion and Late Cretaceous subsidence along the northern Austroalpine margin (Eastern Alps, Austria). / Wagreich, Michael.

in: Tectonophysics, Band 242, Nr. 1-2, 15.02.1995, S. 63-78.

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Heavy minerals from Urgonian limestone pebbles of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria, Bavaria) : further evidence for an intra- Austroalpine suture zone. / Wagreich, M.; Faupl, P.; Schlagintweit, F.

in: Geologica Carpathica, Band 46, Nr. 4, 01.01.1995, S. 197-204.

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Nannofossil biostratigraphy of the late Cretaceous Nierental Formation, northern Calcareous Alps (Bavaria, Austria). / Wagreich, M.; Krenmayr, H. G.

in: Zitteliana, Band 20, 01.01.1993, S. 67-77.

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Subcrustal tectonic erosion in orogenic belts - a model for the late Cretaceous subsidence of the northern Calcareous Alps (Austria). / Wagreich, M.

in: Geology, Band 21, Nr. 10, 01.01.1993, S. 941-944.

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Cretaceous flysch and pelagic sequences of the Eastern Alps : correlations, heavy minerals, and palaeogeographic implications. / Faupl, Peter; Wagreich, Michael.

in: Cretaceous Research, Band 13, Nr. 5-6, 01.01.1992, S. 387-403.

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Zeige Ergebnisse 150 - 167 von 167