Erik WOLFGRING, Mag. Dr.

Raumnummer: 2B385A
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53563

Erik Wolfgring

Research Interests:

  • Mesozoic benthic and planktonic foraminifera
  • Cyclostratigraphy
  • Bio-chemostratigraphic correlations
  • the Cretaceous Austral foraminiferal record

Collaborator in the project: 'Late Mesozoic lacustrine systems in Tunisia and their global correlation'

Lecturer in undergraduate and graduate classes

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Upper Cretaceous volcaniclastic complexes and calcareous plankton biostratigraphy in the Western Pontides, NW Turkey. / Boehm, Katharina; Wagreich, Michael; Wolfgring, Erik; Tuysuz, Okan; Gier, Susanne; Yilmaz, Ismail Omer.

in: Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, Band 28, Nr. 2, 2019, S. 187-+.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel


Plankton biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy of the Santonian-Campanian boundary interval in the Mudurnu-Göynük Basin, northwestern Turkey. / Wolfgring, Erik; Wagreich, Michael; Dinarès-Turell, Jaume; Yilmaz, Ismail Omer; Böhm, Katharina.

in: Cretaceous Research, Band 87, 07.2018, S. 296-311.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel

Tectonic, paleoclimate, and paleoceanographic history of high-latitude southern margins of Australia during the Cretaceous. / Huber, Brian T.; Hobbs, Richard W.; Bogus, Kara A.; Batenburg, Sietske J.; Brumsack, Hans Jürgen; Do Monte Guerra, Rodrigo; Edgar, Kirsty M.; Edvardsen, Trine; Harry, Dennis L.; Hasegawa, Takashi; Haynes, Shannon J.; Jiang, Tao; Jones, Matthew M.; Kuroda, Junichiro; Lee, Eun Young; Li, Yong Xiang; MacLeod, Kenneth G.; Maritati, Alessandro; Martinez, Mathieu; O'Connor, Lauren K.; Petrizzo, Maria Rose; Quan, Tracy M.; Richter, Carl; Riquier, Laurent; Tagliaro, Gabriel T.; Tejada, Maria Luisa Garcia; Wainman, Carmine C.; Watkins, David K.; White, Lloyd T.; Wolfgring, Erik; Xu, Zhaokai.

in: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Preliminary Reports, Nr. 369, 01.02.2018, S. 1-39.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel

Cyclic paleo-salinity changes inferred from benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Upper Burdigalian (Lower Miocene) Korneuburg Basin, Austria. / Schenk, Bettina; Gebhardt, Holger; Wolfgring, Erik; Zorn, Irene.

in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Band 490, 15.01.2018, S. 473-487.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel


Integrated stratigraphy of the upper Santonian (Upper Cretaceous) Hochmoos and Bibereck Formations of the Schattaugraben section (Gosau Group; Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria). / Summesberger, Herbert; Kennedy, William J.; Wolfgring, Erik; Wagreich, Michael; Tröger, Karl-Arnim; Skoumal, Peter.

in: Abhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt, Band 71, 2017, S. 151-248.

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Palaeoenvironmental changes in the northwestern Tethys during the Late Campanian Radotruncana calcarata Zone : Implications from stable isotopes and geochemistry. / Neuhuber, Stephanie; Gier, Susanne; Hohenegger, Johann; Wolfgring, Erik; Spötl, Christoph; Strauss, Philipp; Wagreich, Michael.

in: Chemical Geology, Band 420, 20.01.2016, S. 280-296.

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Morphological variations in Cycloclypeus carpenteri : Multiple embryos and multiple equatorial layers. / Briguglio, Antonino; Kinoshita, Shunichi; Wolfgring, Erik; Hohenegger, Johann.

in: Palaeontologia Electronica, Band 19, Nr. 1, 3A, 01.01.2016.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel

Review: Short-term sea-level changes in a greenhouse world - A view from the Cretaceous. / Sames, B.; Wagreich, M.; Wendler, J. E.; Haq, B. U.; Conrad, C. P.; Melinte-Dobrinescu, M. C.; Hu, Xiumian; Wendler, I.; Wolfgring, E.; Yilmaz, Ismail; Zorina, Svetlana O.

in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Band 441, Nr. 3, 01.01.2016, S. 393-411.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel


Changing Investigation Perspectives: Methods and Applications of Computed Tomography on Larger Benthic Foraminifera. / Briguglio, Antonino; Wöger, Julia; Wolfgring, Erik; Hohenegger, Johann.

Approaches to Study Living Foraminifera. Springer, 2014. S. 55-70 (Environmental Science and Engineering).

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag in BuchBeitrag in Buch/Sammelband


High resolution assessment of Late Campanian (Radotruncana calcarata zone) foraminifera communities. / Wolfgring, Erik; Wagreich, Michael.

2013. Beitrag in 9th International Symposium on the Cretaceous System, Ankara, Türkei.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag zu KonferenzPaper

The pelagic record of sea-level changes the Tethyan Upper Campanian in Austria. / Wagreich, Michael; Neuhuber, Stephanie; Wolfgring, Erik; Hohenegger, Johann.

2013. Beitrag in 9th International Symposium on the Cretaceous System, Ankara, Türkei.

Veröffentlichung: Beitrag zu KonferenzPaper


Type locality of the Adelholzen beds (Primusquelle bottling plant) an Eocene (Lutetian, Priabonian) deepening sequence. / Gebhardt, Holger (Korresp. Autor*in); Darga, Robert ; Coric, Stjepan; Briguglio, Antonino; Hofmann, Elza; Schenk, Bettina; Wolfgring, Erik; Werner, Winfried; Andersen, Nils.

in: Berichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt, Band 86, 2011, S. 61-72.

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