Erich DRAGANITS, PD Mag. Dr.

Raumnummer: 2B444A
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53415

Erich Draganits

Research Interests:

I am geologist concerned with innovative and interdisciplinary research within the earth sciences and its application to other research fields. My research is motivated by curiosity about the new and the desire to extend knowledge in general.
I want to discover, understand and quantify new things and to share these observations and knowledge with students, colleagues and other interested people.

My main expertise and interests include (in alphabetical order): active tectonics, airborne laser scanning (ALS) digital terrain model (DTM) interpretation, clastic sediments, coastal processes, engineering geology, geoarchaeology, geological consequences of climate change, geological mapping, geomorphology, lithostratigraphy, mass movements, prehistoric archaeology, provenance analysis, sea-level change, sedimentary processes and structures, trace fossils.

See also my sites at ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

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