Gaojie LI

Raumnummer: 2A344
Tel.: +86 18428322352

Gaojie Li

I am awarded by China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study at the University of Vienna as a visiting student supervised by prof. Michael Wagreich. My home-university is Chengdu University of Technology in China, and my domestic supervisor is prof. Haisheng Yi.

Main Fields of Research:

My research interests mainly focus on Jurassic paleoceanography and paleoclimate in Tibet, China and Cretaceous aeolian desert system in south China.

My thesis focuses on late Jurassic marine sequence in Tibet to reconstruct the paleoceanographic condition and paleoclimatic change through sedimentology, carbon isotope stratigraphy, organic geochemistry and elemental geochemistry.
It will also try to find out relationships/covariations between the carbon disturbance, climatic change and marine chemistry variation, and consequently provide a possibility to manifest the forming mechanism of carbon abnormality of the late Jurassic sequence in Qiangtang Basin, Tibet.


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