Jan Philip LANDWEHRS, BSc., MSc.


Room Numer: 2B385

Jan Landwehrs

Research Interests:

  • Paleoclimate Modeling
  • Earth System Evolution through the Mesozoic Era
  • Orbital Climate Cycles
  • Climatic and Environmental Effects of Large Igneous Province Volcanism

PhD Project:

"Earth System Modeling of critical steps in the development of the Mesozoic greenhouse climate"

Jan is investigating characteristics of the Mesozoic Earth System, looking at its long-term evolution on tectonic timescales as well as more rapid climatic and environmental changes. The goal of this project is to carry out a suite of simulations for different timeslices covering the whole Mesozoic with an Earth System Model. Besides the general evolution of climate through the Mesozoic that is closely linked to the breakup of Pangaean supercontinent, a focus lies on the climate pacing by orbital cycles and disruptions by large-scale volcanic events. This work is supervised by Prof. Michael Wagreich in very close collaboration with Dr. Georg Feulner and colleagues from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Three Mesozoic time slices

This figure shows exemplary results of simulations for three Mesozoic time slices performed with the CLIMBER-X Earth System Model. Shown are annual mean temperatures (contours) and rainfall rates (colors). (© J. Landwehrs)

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