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Research Interests:

  • Magmatic Systems
  • 3D Structural Visualization
  • Numerical Modeling of Evolving Systems
  • Natural Hazards
  • Geoscience Education


Emerging Field Grant: Numerical modelling of restless caldera volcanoes



Master of Science in Geological Sciences, 2013
University of British Columbia
Thesis: Constraints on formation of columnar joints in basaltic lava
Dr. J. K. Russell, thesis advisor

Bachelor of Arts in Geology (with distinction), 2009
Colorado College
Thesis: Analog Modeling of the Juan Fernández Ridge, Central Chile, and implications for flat-slab subduction dynamics
Dr. M. L. Anderson, thesis advisor


Woodell, D., Porritt, L., and Russell, J.K., 2015, Presentation: Relative cooling rates derived from basalt column geometries: EGU, Vol. 17, EGU2015-6675.

Woodell, D., Anderson, M. L., 2009, Poster: Analog Modeling of the Juan Fernández ridge, central Chile, and implications for flat-slab subduction dynamics: Eos, v. 90, n.52, Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract DI21A-1652.

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