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Kurt DECKER, Dr.


Room Number: 2A346
Tel.: +43-1-4277-53437
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Research Interests:

Vienna Basin
Active Tectonics
Seismic Hazards
Brittle Structural Geology
Alpine Tectonics

Current Projects:

2007-2008: Karpatian Tectonics - Tectonic Evolution of the Vienna Basin and the Waschberg Zone during the Karpatian and Lower Badenian



Current Semester
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Selected Publications:

Decker, K., Gangl, G. & Kandler, M. 2006. The earthquake of Carnuntum in the 4th century AD - archaeologic results, seismologic scenario and seismo-tectonic implications for the Vienna Basin Fault, Austria. Journal of Seismology.

Decker, K., Peresson, H. & Hinsch, R. 2005. Active tectonics and Quaternary basin formation along the Vienna Basin Transform fault. Quaternary Science Reviews 24, 307-322.

Hinsch, R., Decker, K. & Peresson, H. 2005. 3-D seismic interpretation and structural modeling in the Vienna Basin: implications for miocene to recent kinematics. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences 97, 38-50.

Hinsch, R., Decker, K. & Wagreich, M. 2005. A short review of environmental tectonics of the Vienna Basin and the Rhine Graben area. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences 97, 6-15.

Hinsch, R. & Decker, K. 2003. Do seismic slip deficits indicate an underestimated earthquake potential along the Vienna Basin Transfer Fault System? Terra Nova 15, 343-349.

Hinsch, R., Krawczyk, C. M., Gaedicke, C., Giraudo, R. & Demuro, D. 2002. Basement control on oblique thrust sheet evolution: seismic imaging of the active deformation front of the Central Andes in Bolivia. Tectonophysics 355, 23-39.

Strauss P., Wagreich M., Decker K. & Sachsenhofer R. 2001. Tectonics and sedimentation in the Fohnsdorf-Seckau Basin (Miocene, Austria): from a pull-apart basin to a half-graben. Int. J. Earth Sciences (Geol. Rundsch.), 90: 549-559.

Wagreich M. & Decker K. 2001. Sedimentary tectonics and subsidence modelling of the type Upper Cretaceous Gosau basin (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria). Int. J. Earth Sciences (Geol. Rundsch.), 90: 714-726.

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