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Konstantin PETRAKAKIS, Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr.


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Studienprogrammleiter der Studienprogrammleitung Erdwissenschaften, Meteorologie-Geophysik und Astronomie

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Selected Publications:

Feenstra, A., Petrakakis, K. and Rhede, D., 2007. Variscan relicts in Alpine high-P pelitic rocks from Samos (Greece): evidence from multi-stage garnet and its included minerals. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 25(9): 1011-1033.

Grasemann, B. and Petrakakis, K., 2007. Evolution of the Serifos Metamorphic Core Complex. In: G. Lister, M. Forster and U. Ring (Editors), Inside the Aegean Metamorphic Core Complexes. Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Paper 2., 1-18

Feenstra, A., Petrakakis, K. and Rhede, D.
, 2005. Multi-stage carboniferous-alpine high-p metamorphism in northern Samos (Greece): evidence from garnet zoning and inclusions. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft, 150: 38.

Faupl, P., Petrakakis, K., Migiros, G. and Pavlopoulos, A., 2002. Detrital blue amphiboles from the western Othrys Mountain and their relationship to the blueschist terrains of the Hellenides (Greece). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 91: 433-444.


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