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Veronika KOUKAL


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Research Interest:

Veronika works on her PhD on turbidite architecture and slope basin sedimentation in the Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene Gams basin (Northern Calcareous Alps). Field work concentrates on sections from the K/Pg boundary up to the Lower Eocene. Main lab methods include nannofossil evaluation for biostratigraphy, and sediment petrography (thin section, heavy minerals) for correlation and provenance analysis.
Her diploma thesis dealt with the sedimentology and environment of Upper Miocene to Pliocene fluvial conglomerates (Rohrbach conglomerate).



KOUKAL, V. & WAGREICH, M. (2009): Sedimentologie und Definition der Rohrbach-Formation („Rohrbacher Konglomerat“, Ober-Miozän - Pliozän) im Steinbruch Rohrbach/Ternitz (NÖ). Jahrbuch der Geologischen Bundesanstalt, 149 (4), 453-462.

WAGREICH, M., EGGER, H., GEBHARDT, H., MOHAMMED, O., SPÖTL, C., KOUKAL, V. & HOBIGER, G. (2011): A new expanded record of the Paleocene-Eocene transition in the Gosau Group of Gams (Eastern Alps, Austria). Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums Wien, Serie A, 113, 35-65.

KOUKAL, V. & WAGREICH, M. (2012): Paleogene deep-water facies including mass transport complexes of the Gams basin (Styria, Austria). Abstracts IAS 29th Meeting of Sedimentology, 10 - 13 September 2012, Schladming, Austria, p. 549.

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