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Karst Water - tectonics, karst morphology and speleology

Several Projects since 2000, most of them were part of the EU project KATER I & II
Funded by the Vienna Waterworks (MA 31)

Kurt Decker
Michael Wagreich

Theresa Schröckenfuchs

By means of structural geology, tectonics, karst morphology and speleology the projects aims at determining infiltration conditions and groundwater pathways in order to evaluate the vulnerability of groundwater to potential contaminations. The project includes also student training courses and public relations.

Water from karstic catchment areas in the eastern part of the Northern Calcareous Alps, supplies 96 % of the fresh water for Vienna and 30 % for Graz. Karst aquifers generally suffer from the problem that transit times from the surface to the spring are relatively short and therefore the vulnerability to potential pollutants can be high. Spatial distribution of vulnerability to contamination is inhomogeneous and can be evaluated by means of structural geology and detailed investigations of surface and subsurface karst morphology. The investigated areas are part of the catchment of the 1st and the 2nd Viennese Water mains and comprise Hochschwab, Schneealpe, Rax and Schneeberg.

Map of karst features and hydrogeology of faults at Hochschwab, Styria

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