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  • Shale and sandstone diagenesis
  • Diagenesis of clay minerals in reservoir sandstones
  • Glauconites
  • Clay minerals as paleoenvironmental indicators in lake sediments
  • Clays in fault gauges
  • Clay bricks
  • Quantitative clay mineral analysis


Flysch Vienna Basin - Tectonics, stratigraphy, lithofacies, reservoir properties and clay mineralogy of the Rhenodanubian flysch units in the subcrop ot the Vienna Basin (funded by OMV Exploration and Production AG)

Diagenesis of Malmian marlstones (Mikulov formation), Vienna Basin (funded by OMV Exploration and Production AG) with A. Schicker.


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Jürgen Schieber (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA) - Shale diagenesis

Richard Worden (University of Liverpool, UK) - Sandstone diagenesis and reservoir quality

Rositsa Ivanova (Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria)- Bentonites in eastern Rhodope Mountains (S-Bulgaria)

Franz Ottner (Institut für Angewandte Geologie, Universität für Bodenkultur,Vienna) - Quantitative clay mineral analysis

Walter Strasser (Technische Prüfanstalt Wien) - Plasticity of soils and clays

Wienerberger AG (Austria) - Clay bricks

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