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Walk like a Stegosaurus

Esther Hintersberger and Stephanie Neuhuber show our treasures at level 2 to primary school kids and visit the sediment laboratory.

On Wednesday 19th and Thusday 20th of Feb six to nine year old children visited our soil profiles, found out what forms porcelain, wonder about the softness of pillow basalts, and try to find the thigh of our sirena.
During the fist part of the tour we were explaining rock types, minerals, and fossils and tried to find what part of your body corresponds to the skeleton we see. Also, the kids brought some rocks they found and wanted to know more about.

In the second half of the tour we went to the Departments wet sieve lab to separate the sand of the schools sand box and test if there are any carbonates or organics in the sand (yeah, it foams with HCl and peroxide!).
How will this sand form a sandstone? If sand was couscous like the lady geologists pretend we can see how it bakes together with heat and water and even eat our analouge experiment after lithification. If we closely look at a real sandstone we can still see the sand grains in it!

In summer we will go outside and see what different kind of rock gravel we can find at the danube banks.

Geoscientists, do you want to join? Mail to stephanie.neuhuber@univie.ac.at!


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