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Visiting Scientist Takami Nobuhara: Investigating a Cretaceous methane-seep limestone

Professor Takami Nobuhara of Shizuoka University (Honshu, Japan) will spend two months of his sabbatical in Vienna to work with Steffen Kiel and Jörn Peckmann on a Late Cretaceous methane-seep deposit from southern Japan, called Sada Limestone.

This is a very large seep deposit covering an area of about 400 square meters and hosting an unusual suite of fossils that are unknown from other seep deposits in Japan or elsewhere. Paleobiological, petrographic and geochemical approaches will be used to learn more about the paleoecology of this deposit and its unusual inhabitants.

Abundant calcareous worm tubes at Sada Limestone.
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Field work at Sada Limestone in 2011.
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