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Our sandbox is not like your sandbox

Scientists explain earth processes to first to third grade children.

photo: Matteo Böhm

On February 23rd and 24th Esther Hintersberger and Stephanie Neuhuber from last years “Walk like a Stegosaurus” were this year joined by Klemens Kaserer, Martin and Katarina Schöpfer, and Benjamin Sames. Besides laboratory time with sand from the schools sandbox and an overview of the exhibition on level 2 including rocks, minerals and skeletons we had three new stations: the analogue sandbox where Martin and Klemens created an accretionary wedge;  time for hands on with Ben in the palaeontology collection; and magnification time with Stephanie.

Our next tour is on April 24th 2015.

contact: stephanie.neuhuber@univie.ac.at

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