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News from South Tyrol (Vinschgau/Val Venosta)

In their new paper published in Mineralogy and Petrology Gerlinde Habler, Martin Thöni and Bernhard Grasemann provide new insights into the manifold metamorphic processes running in the Matsch basement rocks during the Cretaceous.

Funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF researchers from the Departments of Lithospheric Research and Geodynamics and Sedimentology constrained the extent, conditions, age and the interplay of various crystallization, deformation and reequilibration phenomena.

Habler G., Thöni M., Grasemann B. (2009) Cretaceous metamorphism in the Austroalpine Matsch Unit (Eastern Alps): The interrelation between deformation and chemical equilibration processes. Mineralogy and Petrology, 97: 149-171, DOI 10.1007/s00710-009-0094-x

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