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New paper about “Deformation temperatures and flow vorticities near the base of the Greater Himalayan Series, Sutlej Valley and Shimla Klippe, NW India” by Law, Stahr, Francsis, Ashley, Grasemann and Ahmad.

This work reports new deformation temperature and flow vorticity data from the Main Central Thrust at the base of the Greater Himalayan Series (Sutlej Valley and Shimla Klippe, NW India).

The steepest inferred field gradients in deformation temperatures are recorded adjacent to the Main Central Thrust and progressively decrease up structural section following a power law relationship. Comparison with temperature estimates based on multi-mineral phase equilibria data suggests that penetrative shearing occurred at close to peak metamorphic conditions. Vorticity analyses indicate that shearing along the Main Central Thrust occurred under sub-simple shear conditions with only a minor component of pure shear.


Link zum Paper: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191814113000904


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