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New paper about “Ambiguous versus non ambiguous characterization of components from pictures of cataclasites.”

by Norbert Kohlmayer and Bernhard Grasemann.

BSE picture of a cataclasite from Kea (Greece) with marked ambiguous components in relation to the Elliptical Parisfactor

The quantitative analysis of shape parameters of components in cataclastic rocks is often complicated by the fact that the individual components are difficult to identify. Frequently, the components have the same mineralogical composition as the matrix and the size distribution of components and the resolution of the images make it difficult to discriminate between the individual fragments. This work investigates the differences of component shape analysis from processing pictures of cataclasites digitized by different persons. Components in the samples may be more or less unambiguous with respect to the identification of particle shape parameters. The present study demonstrates that two parameters, the aspect ratio and the angularity might be used in order to reflect this ambiguity in the component identification.

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