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Journal of Structural Geology paper about a major crustal strike-slip fault in Thailand

The NNE trending Khlong Marui strike-slip fault exhumed lenses of higher grade rocks together with low grade fault rocks associated with positive flower structures.

The major exhumation period of the ductile rocks was tectonically influenced by the early India-Asia collision. The changing stress field has responded by switching from dextral strike-slip to normal faulting and is associated with “escape tectonics” arising from the overall India-Asia collision.


Kanjanapayont, P., Grasemann, B., Edwards, M. A., and Fritz, H., 2012, Quantitative kinematic analysis within the Khlong Marui shear zone, southern Thailand: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 35, no. 0, p. 17-27.


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