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Emerging Field Grant: Numerical modelling of restless caldera volcanoes.

The new Emerging Field Project about numerical modelling and structural field geology of restless caldera volcanoes has been funded by the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy of the University of Vienna (PI: M. Schöpfer, B. Grasemann and T. Ntaflos. PhD: D. Woodell).

Pu’u O’o, a major vent of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii (USGS Image)

The potential importance of discontinuous strains and three-dimensionality has come increasingly into focus in recent research on volcanoes, as researchers seek to find physical explanations for intriguing geodetic signals and highly unusual seismic events at active caldera volcanoes. The Project is in collaboration with E. Holohan (GFZ Potsdam).

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