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Dating the Badenian Stratotype by orbital cycles

Michael Wagreich published together with Johann Hohenegger a paper on cyclostratigraphic dating of the gone Badenian stratotype in the last issue of the International Journal of earth Sciences.

The stratotype of the Paratethyan Badenian stage (Middle Miocene, Langhian) is situated in a brickyard pit at Sooß, south of Baden (Vienna Basin), that has been used since several years as a waste dump. Orbital cyclostratigraphy from a 100 m scientific well core and a sample set taken from the former outcrop were combined to give a calibrated absolute age for the core and stratotype section from 14.221 to 13.964 Ma, which is considerably younger than previously thought. Consequences for the correlation of the Badenian stage and it's subdivision, especially the middle Badenian, are discussed in the paper.

Hohenegger, J. and Wagreich, M., 2011. Time calibration of sedimentary sections based on insolation cycles using combined cross-correlation: dating the gone Badenian stratotype (Middle Miocene, Paratethys, Vienna Basin, Austria) as an example. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 101, 339–349.DOI 10.1007/s00531-011-0658-y. 

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