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[CampOC]-Project on Upper Cretaceous Cyclostratigraphy approved by Austrian Science Fund

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) granted a project (P24044-N24) on "Cyclostratigraphy and the astronomical time scale for the Tethyan Campanian (Late Cretaceous)" [Short title: Campanian Orbital Cyclostratigraphy - CampOC] by Michael Wagreich. The project addresses cyclostratigraphy and a floating astronomical time scale for the Campanian stage, based on cyclic limestone-marl records in the Tethys, primarily in Turkey and Austria.

Cyclic Campanian pelagic succession at Postalm/Abtenau

Methods used include plankton biostratigraphy, carbon and strontium isotope stratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy for a high-resolution chronostratigraphic framework, the identification of Milankovic-type cyclic sedimentation by rhythmic variations in parameters like bed thickness, carbonate contents, magnetic susceptibility, gamma ray, and statistical analysis like time series and power spectra analysis. The sedimentology and geochemistry of the sections and of individual precessional cycles in the Campanian will be evaluated by clay mineralogy and XRF element scans. Based on new time calibrations, short-term climate and environmental changes in the late Greenhouse world will be investigated, especially causes for changes from anoxic to oxic sedimentation manifested in ubiquitous Cretaceous oceanic red beds.

One PhD and two master student scholarships are included in the project.

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