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Thursday, 24. January 2013

New article on numerical modelling of shear bands

The IJRMMS paper examines ‘The orientation and dilatancy of shear bands in a bonded particle model for rock’. [more]

Wednesday, 23. January 2013

Back to Research Grant to Simone Ziegenbalg

Simone Ziegenbalg of the Department of Geodynamics and Sedimentology is „Back to Research Grantee” 2013. After her maternity leave, she will use that grant to complete a proposal for a FWF stand-alone project on sulphur cycling... [more]

Wednesday, 19. December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Department for Geodynamics and Sedimentology

After a scientifically very successful year when we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Geological Institute by Eduard Suess in 1862, the executive of the Department for Geodynamics and Sedimentology wishes... [more]

Tuesday, 30. October 2012

New "Climate of the Past" paper about Oceanic Anoxic Event 3 in the Cretaceous.

The paper examines the spatial and temporal extent and the impact of the so-called Oceanic Anoxic Event 3, the last of the Cretaceous anoxic events when large parts of the oceans were free of oxygen and black shales were... [more]

Friday, 19. October 2012

New GEOLOGY paper about the lateral fold growth and fold linkage

A three-dimensional finite element model is used to mechanically investigate for the first time the lateral linkage mode of two initially isolated fold segments. [more]

Friday, 28. September 2012

150 Years of Geology at Vienna University

In 1862 Eduard Suess founded the Geological Institute at Vienna University. This year we celebrate its 150th anniversary. [more]

Friday, 28. September 2012

PANGEO 2012: Young Scientist Awards

At the PANGEO 2012 meeting in Salzburg, both young scientist awards were granted to members of the Department for Geodynamics and Sedimentology. [more]

Monday, 16. July 2012

Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden, Museum für Mineralogie und Geologie

Benjamin Sames has been awarded the “Hanns Bruno Geinitz-Preis 2012” for young academics for his doctoral thesis. [more]

Tuesday, 10. July 2012

Visiting Scientist

Hisanari Sugawara

Hisanari Sugawara from Ehime University, Japan, is looking into the geomicrobiology of volcanic rocks.

Microbial fossils within greenrocks of ancient oceanic crust exposed on land are the key to characterizing ancient microbial... [more]

Tuesday, 15. May 2012

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Bernhard Grasemann elected as corresponding member. [more]

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