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Friday, 5. December 2014

Bernhard Grasemann elected as President of the ÖGG

In the November general assembly of the Austrian Geological Society, Bernhard Grasemann was elected as the new President for the next two year period.

Friday, 5. December 2014

4 new papers of the Structural Processes Group in the Journal of Structural Geology

GRASEMAN, B. & DABROWSKI, M. (2014): Winged inclusions: Pinch-and-swell objects during high-strain simple shear.- Journal of Structural Geology. 10.1016/j.jsg.2014.10.017

DABROWSKI, M. & GRASEMANN, B. (2014): Domino... [more]

Sunday, 9. November 2014

Peckmann receives the Friedrich von Alberti award

The 2014 Alberti award goes to Andreas Kroh of the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien and Jörn Peckmann for trend-setting research in Paleontology. The award is endowed by the Friedrich von Alberti-Stiftung and assigned by the... [more]

Friday, 10. October 2014

New paper on the enigmatic Cretaceous brachiopod Peregrinella by Kiel et al.

Steffen Kiel (University of Göttingen, Germany) and co-workers including Daniel Birgel and Jörn Peckmann looked into the paleoecology of the largest Mesozoic rhynchonellid brachiopod, the dimerelloid Peregrinella.  [more]

Sunday, 10. August 2014

How to discern ancient oil seeps from methane seeps?

Daniel Smrzka has been awarded with an uni:docs fellowship from the University of Vienna to develop approaches that allow for the discrimination of limestones that formed at oil seeps from limestones that formed at methane seeps. [more]

Thursday, 22. May 2014

When and how did the Alps turn into dolomite?

New Marie-Curie research fellow searches for traces of dolomite that formed in the tropical seas of the Triassic [more]

Sunday, 16. March 2014

New paper about “Timing of the Middle Miocene Badenian Stage of the Central Paratethys”

by Johann Hohenegger, Stjepan Ćorić and Michael Wagreich [more]

Wednesday, 26. February 2014

Walk like a Stegosaurus

Esther Hintersberger and Stephanie Neuhuber show our treasures at level 2 to primary school kids and visit the sediment laboratory. [more]

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